Malakai Sunstone

An Elezen of mysterious elegance who serves as a butler with an unsettling past as a powerful voidsent.

Name: Malakai Sunstone
Race:Elezen (Voidsent)
Profession: Butler
Malakai Sunstone, a mysterious and enigmatic figure, is a Voidsent Butler who has garnered a reputation for his exceptional skills and unwavering loyalty. Cloaked in an air of elegance and refinement, his true nature remains hidden to those who encounter him. He presents himself as an Elezen, with striking features, an aura of authority, and an impeccable sense of style.
Early Life:
Little is known about Malakai's origins or early life. He emerged from the shadows and found his place in the bustling city of Ul'dah, where he soon became a sought-after butler. With his flawless manners, keen intellect, and unparalleled dedication to his craft, he quickly gained prominence among the elite of Eorzea.
Butler Extraordinaire:
Malakai possesses an unwavering commitment to the duties of a butler, attending to the whims and needs of his employers with unparalleled precision and grace. He is a master of his craft, adept at everything from maintaining a pristine household to organizing elaborate events. Whether it is preparing an exquisite meal, orchestrating a flawless tea service, or ensuring the smooth running of a grand gala, Malakai's attention to detail is unrivaled.
Payment in Gil or Soul:
Though discreetly mentioned in whispers, it is said that Malakai's services can be obtained through an unconventional payment method. He accepts both gil, the common currency of Eorzea, as well as an enigmatic alternative—an individual's soul. Those desperate enough to bargain with the Voidsent may seek out his assistance, with the understanding that such transactions come with their own unpredictable consequences.

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